Jakaro - Dark Color

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The Rules
  • King–you can take one marble out of the holding bay to move around the board
  • Queen–move 12 spaces forward
  • Jack–this is a special card and allows you to swap with any other player on the board, unless they are on their home base
  • Ten–make the next player discard a card of their choice or you move ten spaces
  • Nine–move nine spaces forward
  • Eight–move eight spaces forward
  • Seven–this is a special card, which you can split the seven moves over two marbles however you like. So, if you have more than one marble out for example you could move one 2 spaces and the other 5 spaces
  • Six–move six spaces forward
  • Five–this is a special card so you can move yourself or anyone else five spaces
  • Four–another special card meaning you move backwards four spaces, helpful if you’re on your home base and want to try and get home quickly - but watch out for anyone who has a 5 since they can push you passed your home meaning you’ve got to trek around the board
  • Three–move forward three spaces
  • Two-move forward two spaces
  • Ace – the final special card, you have three options: bring a marble out of the holding bay, move one or eleven spaces forward