Marrath smart Wi-Fi universal remote

by Marrath
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Marrath smart Wi-Fi universal remote to make your mobile as your remote

All-in-one Remote Controller

Because mobile can be a smarter remote too!

Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote is an amazing offering by Marrath that helps get rid of all your physical remote controllers. Bring all control systems to your fingertips, with the help of Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote and escape from the tiring job of searching for a physical remote control every time you reach home. Plus with the advantage of the Marrath Home app, align your remote button into your smartphone and carry it with you all the time.

Control Your Home Smartly

Smart remote controller like never before!

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote with Marrath Home App brings you loads of convenience by allowing the work of all the remote controllers in your home through an Marrath Home APP. Be it AC or TV, or just a home theatre system, you are now free from the hassles of searching for a remote for each one of them. Also, with additional features like voice control and automatic time schedule, you can set it as per your convenience and control it whenever you want.

All-in-one Remote Control

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote gives you an all-in-one controlling system. You can use it instead of remote control of AC, TV, home theatre, curtain and many more.

 APP Control

With the help of Marrath Home app, you can control the system of your home or office. The app will help you bring all the remote-control systems in your home, be it for AC or television.

Voice Control

The smart remote also supports voice control with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Just command your favorite movie using your voice and watch it in the comfort of your home.

Schedule Automatically

This smart remote allows you to schedule your devices so that you don’t have to wait or in case you forget.

Share the Remote with All

The Marrath app will help you share the remote control of the appliances of your home.

Use from Anywhere

In case you forget to switch off your television or AC, keep going worry-free since you got the switch in your hand!

Marrath Home APP

With the Marrath app, you can surely get the best of every smart Marrath device. It will help you bring everything under one roof, so you keep going and keep using it.

DIY Control System

The Marrath app allows you to control your home system remotely and you can set or customize the settings as per your wish.

Learning Function

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote comes with a learning function, which helps to expand its functionality.

Massive IR Code Library

Massive IR Code Library allows you to select the right remote matching your brand of the AC, TV etc. easily and start the control straightaway with few clicks.

Installation and Warranty from Marrath - 1 year

If you need help with installation or questions about the products you can contact Marrath company on 30862001 and they will come to your home with less than 48 hours

Installation cost: First device 100QR, Each extra device 50QR/deivce

Download Smart Life App to use it in your mobile.

NOTE: Require a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks