Bungee SuperKnit Band

by Whoop
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The new Earth Bands are inspired by the great outdoors and all of the heart-pumping, leaf-crunching ways to enjoy them. Whether you’re into rock climbing, hiking, or just gearing up to rake your yard, the Earth Bands—available in four colors—are a great way to update your WHOOP to show your love for nature and all it has to offer.


SuperKnit bands are all one size. The length of the band is 9.5 in/24 cm.


Bungee (Marled) w/ Carbon Hook, Clasp, & Fast Linkâ„¢ Slider


Marled Band: 52% polyamide, 41% polyester, 7% elastane wq2l

Fast Linkâ„¢ Slider: Stainless Steel

Clasp: Stainless Steel


Hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Air dry only.